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horse assisted coachings - that's powerful human ressource development!
horsesense assisted coaching implements age-old approved training methods which were used by generals like Alexander the Great with his horse Bukephalos. It was and still is a very effective method to develop leadership competencies, team feeling and management soft skills. Then and today these trainings use the horses’ sensitiveness – because horses instinctively are aware of the smallest nonverbal signs of the participant and will react to these signs. With the horses‘ feedback the participant can become aware of, understand and train her/his inner attitude, effect on others, authority, soft skills and behavioral patterns. These seminars give executives, managers and high potentials the chance of self-perception as well as the possibility to train their social and emotional competencies, to experience situative leadership, to improve their clear communication and to enlarge their personal strengths. Feedbacks by the group, video-analysis and the transfer into the daily business underline the lessons learned. The horses will not be ridden, knowledge about horses is not necessary.


What is horse assisted coaching?



Watch a short film here.


What is the association?

The association keeps an eye on quality in the horse assisted coaching business and connects members.


All members have been certified and work according to the high quality standards of horsesense international. They offer workshops, coachings and seminars with horses  in many different fields like management training, personality development, soft skill training, career coaching and the like.


Our international network enables horse assisted coaches & trainers to offer these seminars in the whole of Europe. Yearly meetings give members the opportunity of cooperation, supervision and knowledge transfer. An internal forum can be used to interchange ideas and ask each other for help. Members share their experience and their success stories.
More advantages for members here.


What is the certification?

It is our goal to give you the qualification, knowledge, and practice you need to later be able to conduct these horse based coachings on your own - according to our very high quality standards. We noticed that many people started to coach with horses without having the necessary coaching and training experience, sometimes giving companies and participants a bad impression or even making things worse. To correct this trend we started qualifying and certifiying trainers and coaches in the year 2007 - focussing on quality - and have taught over 100 participants the method of horsesense coaching up to now, many of which started their own business successfully.
You will find details about how to become a horse assisted coach here

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