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Die Kraft pferdegestützter Coachings.

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Advantages for Members

Our members profit from a great spirit of cooperation. We help each others, develop ourselves, are open for new ideas and pass on information and knowledge and celebrate success.  Anyone who needs assistance, horses or locations will find help within the network.


We have a plattform on facebook where knowledge is transferred, questions are answered, presentations are shared und success stories presented.


We offer regular schoolings to improve coaching or moderation skills and to learn new theories and models of leadership, team, communication or stress reduction.


Our Internetpage is helpful for people searching for a coach or trainer - all members are listed with their locations and thematic focus. Semina-Datess are published as well.


All members follow the high quality rules and therefore have a high-standard image on the market.


The yearly meeting is used to connect with others, to cooperate, try out new exercises with the horses, be supervised, get answers or develop oneself.


Overview of yearly meetings


Vienna 2015

  • Quality Rules 2016
  • Mediation in Conflicts
  • Green Care (Coaching and Therapy inNature) – (Petra Kromes)
  • Personality Coaching
  • How to deal with large groups.



Lörrach 2014

  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Horse assisted therapy for couples
  • (World Café/Open Space Method): Marketing & Akquistion



Frankfurt 2013

  • How to activate participants
  • Workshop skills
  • Walking in your shoes
  • EU  aid
  • Livecoaching
  • Group Coaching




Meißen 2012

  • Structogramm in horse assisted coachings
  • Coaching with the systemic approach
  • Team Exercise with the 4 needs according to Riemann/Thomann
  • New method: reflecting team
  • Coaching-Supervision



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