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Quality Standards


These Quality standards are implemented by all members.


1. We take into account your individual needs as participant. These we identify in a precoaching or premeeting. The excercises in the seminar are tailored to your needs.


2. We take into account the needs and wishes of the company booking us - we have talks with the responsible persons beforehand to tailor the seminar to the company's goal, needs and strategic alignment.


3. We guarantee that we provide practical support - we have worked in companies for many years and have business experience. The insights from the seminars can be transferred easliy to daily work and real business situations.


4. We guarantee professionalism - our members have competencies in coaching, training, psychology and/or teaching or work together with a partner with these skills. Our members have profound knowledge about horses, security aspects, and horse-communication.

5. We guarantee sustainability - a horsesense training is an impressive training, the experiences and feelings the participant has in this seminar are long lasting. The follow up coaching picks up the insights of the seminar a few weeks later, making the results long lasting as well.

6. We guarantee appreciative and careful coaching - every participant will only get the insights he/she can cope with. Our feedback is appreciative at all times. We take close care of our participants and make sure he/she is secure. We try to do the seminars in a riding hall to offer the necessary privacy for the coaching sessions. And we try to work with 2 trainers to make feedbacking more valuable, observe group dynamic aspects more precisely, and to better keep an eye on security.


7. Members should be supervised at least every 2 years or take part in the annual meeting every two years, to keep up with new developments, to comply with the quality standards and to improve continuously.


8. members of the association have signed these quality rules.

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