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A selection of companies that booked horse assisted coachings and trainings


Panasonic, Hamburg
Dorint Hotel - Basel
Connect Chemicals, Düsseldorf
Nycomed Pharma – Zürich
CeWe Color – Bad Schwartau
ThyssenKrupp Steel AG – Duisburg
Sparkasse Holstein – Bad Oldesloe
Ernstings Family - Coesfeld
Thyssen Krupp VDM – Werdohl
Provinzial Nordwest Holding - Hamburg
Swiss Life - Zürich
Boltze Gruppe -  Ahrensburg

SYNK Group - Filderstadt

Some quotes concerning the train the trainer seminar


"horsesense is for me: highly professional in both coaching and in teaching others this wonderful method. At the same time horsesense has the giftedness of respecting the other person and their very personal topics - and being sensitive and supportive and seeing what the other person distinguishes - setting free their personality and qualities. And it means for me: a sign for a hikers and wanderers, showing into the landscape that give the perfect surrounding and framework and climate for the wanderer to find his way." - Dr. phil. Andreas Barth, Engelburg, Switzerland

"You are authentic, professional, competent, you work respectfully and motivate others, you work goal oriented. Structure and congruence were perfect. Quality is of utmost importance to you. Nevertheless you take care that you don't make clones out of us, but look at individual strengths and everybody's individual profile". " - Clara Leben, Human Ressources and graduate student

"A very efficient, harmonious and truthful method to find the main points and learning fields for a person. I've had very valuable experiences which are still working inside me. Thank you!" - Petra Samek, Haflinger breeder and entrepreneur, Vienna, Austria.

"I had so many profound findings and learnings which I can take with me. Thank you so much!"
- Antje Lehmann, Consultant


"Thank you for your professional way and your transparency. I learnt a lot about myself and go home quite self confident. I'm looking forward to our next workshop! All the best for you." - Grit Gieseke, Selfemployed Coach


"I feel strong and self secure. The process I went through during your train the trainer workshop was very clear and structured. You both fit together perfectly in this job! You are both a good role model. For me now my idea has become very clear as to how I want to work with my horses. The 5 days with you helped me make this idea more precise. It was exactly what I needed. It was very inspiring."
- Antonia Leben, Selfemployed Coach


"The 5 days with you taught me so much about myself, I found my role in life. And that just at the right moment!" - Anna Reinl, Freiburg, Pedagogue

"You are a very professional team concerning coaching and horse behavior as well as teaching others the contents of your train the trainer workshop. This 5 day qualification was unique! It was a good mixture between theory and excercise, trying things on my own made me learn fast. It is effective and has a high quality. You both are wonderful coaches and role models concerning your open-mindedness and neutrality, seeing the potential each and every coachee has. You show appreciation toward them all."  - Dagmar Nelles, Köln

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